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2002-12-08 - 01:30
not dead.

Not dead, honestly. Just pining for the fnords.

Been busy. Got cast in, rehearsed, and performed a show without ever dropping by here to make mention of it. ([Willow] I had to sing. [/Willow] Fairly well, I'm told.) More on that subject later, maybe. I have regained my enthusiasm for our theatre department. Not for the faculty, but certainly for the students. Lots of good new students coming in, ready to claim the department--and the school in general--as their own. Gives me hope for the future.

The freshmen are pretty hot this year, too. Just sayin'.

I'm preparing a presentation on Cicero right now. It's not going to be as good as it should be. That makes me sad, because I like my Latin class a lot and want to give our professor good work. But the brain needs a little break now and then.

For future reference, when I have the time (over Xmas break, I assume), I'm planning to go through old entries and delete references to the name of my school. I've decided that the opportunities for wacky sitcom mishaps when I have this much personal information here are a little too wacky for my taste.

More later.

When certain girls don't look at you,
It means that they like you a lot.
When other girls don't look at you,
It just means they're ignoring you.

--Dan Bern

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