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2003-05-18 - 12:26

So, my show went pretty well. It was also a primary reason for my not really updating this semester.

Any remaining readers may see more here over the summer. I will be back home finishing the rest of my lab science credit, and since I will be required to do schoolwork that I won't really enjoy *and* won't have creative writing actually assigned to me, as I did all this semester, I imagine I'll actually need an additional writing outlet.

I met (under somewhat hilarious circumstances, but that's another story) a quite cute and interesting young gentleman recently, and it vexes me that I'm going back home for the summer so soon that I shan't even have the chance to get to know the boy better. It vexes me...vexatiously. Especially since I didn't absolutely *need* to go home this early, it just seemed like that would be the best summer arrangement at the time when it became necessary to work these things out. It still is, in terms of general quality of life--my roommate and I are not people who should live together, and I miss California terribly--but I'm vexed. This is, of course, in addition to the many very dear Portlanders whom I already know for certain I'll be missing terribly...

Sigh. One must choose between things, after all. Can't have everything.

I believe in yesterday --- I love ya, tomorrow

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