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2003-06-07 - 23:41

Yeah, The Mg't now has a new title, to mark, er, the fact that I really don't write in it anymore. It comes from this here, to which a few people at school have been making frequent reference to express a sense of helpless bewilderment, such as that experienced by a first-time reader of the more mystical parts of St. Augustine's Confessions.

"Well," I explained to one, "I don't think Augustine would mind. After all, in the presence of His awesome perfection, we are all like unto fucking catfish; foolish creatures trapped in the lowest places, ignorant of all but what is directly before us, and, er, eating algae."

Okay, what I actually said wasn't quite as well-constructed as that, but the thrust of it was the same.

I've gotten a really good paper notebook that's started (to my surprise, who gave up "keeping diaries" a while back) to become something of a narrative journal, in addition to the other things I record in it.

I believe in yesterday --- I love ya, tomorrow

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